My husband dumped me after my third pregnancy, I was strike with hard life



Mary is a mother of three and her first born is 27 years old. However, life has not always been rosy as it seems when she seemed narrating her story. At the age of 19,she had settled down for marriage which she would last for 16 years but left her in deep emotional wounds which are covered by her smile.

”I was married at 19 years old and stayed in the marriage for 16 years. I got my three children from the same father. I got my first born Dennis at the age of 21,then my second born baby Linet at 24 years old and then after nine years got my third baby Victor,”She said.

Her marriage took a beating soon as she conceived her third born now at 15 years of age. Her husband changed and would eventually leave her raise the kids single handedly.

”When I got pregnant with a baby number three, my husband started acting unusual. He did not want another child and kept saying whoever told me to get another child should come and take care of it,”She recalled.

“I thought maybe after giving birth, he would come back/but has never come back He literally left us. I actually thought he would come back three years later.

I decided to start a new life, and for the last 15 years, I have been living as a single mother, ” She said. Her only mistake was getting pregnant with a second child, she recalled sadly adding that her husband has never bothered to ask about his children’s welfare 15 years later.

Despite this she said that she really missed his presence and she only recognized him as the father to her kids. The children on the other hand keep asking the whereabouts of their dad and at times she had to lie he went to at a job vacation in the USA.

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