Opinion: We update or upgrade wardrobes houses,,cars,phones,spouses or academics but baseline instincts remain old fashioned?

By Eldoret based Human Rights Activist Kimutai Kirui
We relocate from villages to towns but still remain political clowns or appendages.
We need environment to create wealth not bigotry nor narcissistic tendecies running around tribe or gender cards by political, tribal or male chauvinists,the biggest poverty contributors.
The day we’ll cease to make elections – a war- between politicians and let issues run our narratives , progress will be registered
Tribe and gender cards (outdated) inapplicable in today’s world still fuel our politics arena.
 Kikuyu seem ahead of the pack, they’re rejecting own Kikuyu sitting president -because they stepped out to embrace change and progress, -their socio,politico and economical softwares are upto date.
Second century mindsets is the cause of our poverty.
Women of yesteryears ate in kitchen with children,is that possible ANYMORE?
Women in Kalenjin before didn’t address council of men standing,today they address the world dancing confidence.
Can we ask why we’re a one united community only one year to election but struggle for four years as individuals?
In Runda,Karen or Elgon View it’s not about party, color and tribe.
It’s about house models,schools children attend,malls, wives shop, and business husbands do.
Money , Careers, Business- Sophistication of Sheer class not Tribe binds them.
There Raila and Ruto are not enemies because of ODM and UDA.
Ask yourself why are tribesmen when voting but as job opportunities it’s about who is who in society, nepotism,bribery and sexual advances?
I’m shocked why and how educated lots are telling us we vote in guys to do roads, electricity water or health?
The above have funds allocated to but we don’t demand to be delivered.
Our obsession is election fever,to vote in or out ostensibly punish leaders for unrealistic expectations.
Elections run around color, gender – Keiyo outwitting Nandi,Kikuyu and Kalenjin coming together to beat luo or vice versa,as enemies.
The only one ENEMY in existence is not any tribe, it’s POVERTY.Youth need skills, incentives,funds and conducive environments to generate income.
Dr Ruto is not taking about idleWheelbarrows, he’s working round the clock to see fruit/vegetable vendors, hawkers or small scale traders are recognized and appreciated as greatest contributors.
To change,mindsets must change…that’s why Dr Ruto or Dr Mishra are reengineering the Youth, Women and Churches towards Entrepreneurship or SMES.
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