Shock As Three Robbery Supspect Escape Death

Three robbery with violence suspects are lucky to have escaped alive from the wrath of an angry mob that was baying for their blood yesterday, thanks to the quick response by Police.
Earlier, the suspects Elijah Githii, Jackson Githui and Kennedy Kinyanjui had waylaid passersby in Mathare’s Blue Gum area just behind Mathare mental hospital and were robbing them off their money, mobile phones and other valuables. The three were brave enough to stage their brazen attacks on innocent pedestrians in broad daylight, at around 4pm.
Police officers based at Pangani who were on foot patrol, got wind of the robberies and immediately rushed towards the scene. They arrived just in time as the thugs had moments earlier accosted a middle-aged man and were roughing him up, while ransacking his pockets.
When the attackers spotted the fast approaching security agents, they hurriedly jumped on a waiting motorbike that sped off, and the attackers thought that they had outfoxed the officers.
The deafening sound of gunfire that immediately followed, sent the thugs sprawled on the road, after their rider lost control of the ill-fated bike. The corporal in-charge had just fired two rounds in the air to scare the miscreants who swallowed the bait and were now gathering themselves from their unexpected tumble, some with injuries on their faces and limbs.
But before they could come to terms with what had befallen them, curious onlookers including those who had been robbed earlier regrouped and descended on the trio with blows and kicks almost denying the law enforcement officers the opportunity to arrest the suspects and bring them to justice.
Upon arrest, an imitation of a firearm capable of firing was recovered from the suspects. Also recovered from the suspects were three mobile phones and Sh13,900 believed to have been snatched from their victims. The getaway means used by the suspects a red motorbike registration number KMFJ 165A, was also impounded.
Preliminary investigations indicate that the suspects had traveled from Thika town to commit the robberies in city estates. The suspects are currently in custody facing robbery with violence charges.
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