Painful story of a family in Kakamega after people in their family had been dying to unknown disease



A family in Kakamega has been really living in fear after their family members have been dying one by one to unknown disease.

”It is just some three weeks after we laid to rest a member of the family and as you can see our uncle is dead,” one of the family members narrated painfully.

Each month at least two people would die from their family and what really was a shock to them was that none of the dead persons even complained of certain illness at some point as they would have taken the action of taking them to hospital.

Some would even say one of the family members had entered a rogue cult which kept sacrificing them but no one had a clear truth of what had been going through the family.

At some point they would be woken in the middle of night with some owl crying which really symbolized someone had to die according to their believes.

This went for a long time and their homestead was full of graves and people from their neighborhood even feared being close to them as they thought they would send the demons to them.

Some family members would say they would see some people in form of ghosts walking at their homesteads especially at night hours which really made them to be scared.

A month has passed and as usual two people had to pass. They sometimes never slept and decided to keep awake as that was the only way they would avoid seeing the ghosts. At some point one of their family members seemed unconcerned about the situation.

He was really rich with many vehicles and other property on his name. Rumors said that he was the one sacrificing them to such kind of agony but they had no clear proof of what was happening.

They were a so much worried family and they had to seek for help especially at this moment maybe some traditional doctor would solve their menace.

This was the time they met Dr Mugwenu after doing their investigation and met him through his social media channels but mostly chatted with him on facebook.

They addressed their issues to Dr Mugwenu and they were really ready to meet his demands for the spells. He foretold to them that one of their family members had been to some rogue cults and he was the one behind the deaths in their family.

He had some protection spells to them which would ensure that nothing would haunt them. They went back home and that month none of their family members died. After sometimes their rogue family member had to quit the cult as the forces had been really draining him to death.
Dr Mugwenu says his spells work within 24 hours.

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