A Kenyan family narrates how their daughter had been battling some breathing problem but finally got some help



Syombua and her husband have been now living in fear after their second born daughter developed some breathing problems for a while now.

The 16 year old had been experiencing some difficulties in breathing which they thought it was asthma but that was not true. Her husband who had been depending on brick selling business to make ends meet, money which was not enough to ensure their daughter got some treatment.

Syombua was housewife and so she depended her husband to do all the providing work to the family.

They had travelled almost every top hospital in Kenya to find cure for their daughter and nothing close was even to her cure. Doctors said the condition was unknown to them while some hospitals were too expensive to treat the condition.

Their daughter at some point had been behaving as if someone was suffocating her to death as she had really been panting a lot especially at night which gave her mother some difficult time of spending the night awake and near her.

“we have spent a lot of money in purchasing her inhalers which at times fail to help her as she sometimes runs out of breath and really cry for help,”her mother said.

Since they were a middle class family they had been trying to reach out to people of good will to help raise some funds to cater for their ailing daughter.

A lot of people never believed them as they saw they wanted to scam them people had been at that time using the names of their ailing loved ones to get rich, No single person was willing to assist them seek a way of ensuring the dreadful condition their daughter had came to an end.

With this situation, their daughter was even forced to drop out of school since she would be a burden to the teachers and even her friends. It was really some bad moments for the family as Syombua the mother said.

Through a person of good will/they were introduced to a traditional doctor Mugwenu after they had been addressed to how he would help their daughters condition come to an end. They met Dr Mugwenu where he subjected their daughter to some herbal medications.

He also casted some deliverance from diseases spells and later gave the mother some herbs she was supposed to use back home. After three days the family was happy for the results they had seen. Their daughter now would spend long hours watching as she was able to breathe with no difficulties.

The family was glad and thankful to this native doctor for helping them end their daughter breathing problem.
Dr Mugwenu says his spells work within 24 hours.

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