A shocking story of a Kenyan lady who was rented by his husband for prostitution due to poverty lines they faced



Ramadan was a male sex worker in Kwale County. Grace, his tall dark-skinned wife, works in the same industry. They had been really stroked by poverty hence found themselves doing the act.

Grace would even come back home after 10 days of spending with some tourists who wanted sex services at the coast and her husband did nothing about it since it was their way of survival.

They have been living together for 20 years now. But it wasn’t always like this. One day when Rama was hawking some clothes along the beach a tourist approached him.
The tourist wanted a lady to spend time until his holiday ended.

Since Rama had stayed at the beach for so long he would speak fluent German and he promised his client he was to bring his sister to him. Grace said,”My husband came home that evening and asked me if I can act as his sister and take up the offer.

After a few days of deliberation, I agreed” she had seen how life changed for other woman who entered prostitution and she saw that was her only chance of making money.

She was housewife who depended on her little husband income. ”Life was tough for us. My husband unpredictable income was not enough and when he asked me to accept, I had no choice,”she says.

The family since then was able to afford three meals a day due to the job the two were doing. Her husband to would wait for the old and mature white women who came at the coast and needed some young energetic men to spent time with.

The two did their work and no one really saw it was a big deal. They were really making some good money but it reached some point they sat together and concluded it was such a dirty business which they should have opted to leave behind.

They had saved some money and it high time they seized the job or one of them would even spread an STI. But what would happen in they stooped the dirty business. That was the time they came through a native doctor. Dr Mugwenu had his business spells to them and since then they had been into serious second hand clothe selling business where they own shops as their life really changed.

A friend advised them to meet this man Dr Mugwenu and truly things worked out and since then they have never again be into prostitution as they get a good income from clothe selling in Kwale County.

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