Nairobi woman narrates how he moved from one abusive marriage to the other


Maggy said they had been in marriage for one year now but things started changing as her husband started having some behavior she never ever imagined.

”I think we were a bit young and that made us not respect each other. We fought a lot. The man I was dating was partying a lot, like he would leave the house on Monday and come back after a week,”She said.

At some point he started cheating on her and as a way of revenge she too cheated on him with three men not that she never loved but as a way of revenging the rogue husband.

She recounts a day when her baby dad beat her and left her for the dead.

”I was bleeding from the head and that is the day I became fearless and we would fight to death,”she says. Since things had b=not been working into her marriage, she decided to leave the marriage for she feared death was the next thing. She moved to the next marriage and the same situation was happening as her new hubby was abusive 100 times more than her former husband.

They started fighting again into the new marriage and so her body was full of scars.
Her husband did not like much of her partying nature since he was a silent person but really played him with several women. She did not last for a long time in the marriage as it was just a replica of the first marriage.

She decide to leave alone for a while to refocus on her life and think about the next move whether to stay single or be someone’s wife. A lot of men kept chasing her as really she was such a beautiful creature where every man would dream of marrying.

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Without hesitation, he had Dr Mugwenu contacts and met him at his office as she was really tired of trying different kinds of marriage. Dr Mugwenu had successful marriage spels to her.

Three weeks later she got a partner who was loving and caring more than the others. Since then they have been living peacefully and also at the same time expecting a new born into this marriage.

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