A Kenyan woman says how she had lost hope in life after a series of miscarriages had gone rampant in her marriage life



Elizabeth had been married for eight years now and within that period she had been having close to five miscarriages. She was fertile and even went for pregnancy test and she would be recounted pregnant but as she says after five months she would blow the baby in circumstances she never understood.

She lived a sorrowful woman as she saw other women of her age wean their young ones and felt as if she really did not deserve to be living in such a cruel world. Her husband was such a supportive person and he kept encouraging her not to lose hope in life and they would one time have their child.

They had been really trying to sort out the problem within the shortest time possible but things were really tough. At some point they even had to seek some help from certain herbal medicine persons but things even went worse as she would bleed and lose her sex appetite and indication the herbalists were fake people who only wanted to take their money away.

She had told her husband to marry another woman who he would get children with as she was not in the position to give him children sue to the issue of constant miscarriages each particular time.

Most of the times she spent time alone crying to herself what she did to deserve such a life yet she was just a woman like the others were.

She kept on crying but her husband was a loyal man who kept on encouraging her each particular day that once things would change and that experience would just be some testimonial to people after things would be okay.

She never believed things would be okay with time and really lost hope in everything. Her appetite also declined as she was not eating well as she lost much of her weight.

At some point she recalls when she had been caught with her husband trying to commit suicide by using of their bed sheet.
After a long spells of miscarriages, she met Dr Mugwenu after she was directed to him by his husband’s friend.

She ensured they called him and after three days paid him a visit. Spells were casted to her pregnancy life and also given some herbal concoctions to mend things.

After some times she was pregnant and never felt she was to miscarriage. Nine months later she had their first born after nine years of crying due to constant miscarriages into their marriage life.

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