customers would pass by My Items only to buy other people goods” a lady narrates and what she did later



Brenda owned a business in Nairobi where she mainly was involved in selling of second hand clothes popularly known as “Mitumba” She had a small kiosk where she did her business and next to her were also similar kiosks which sold the same clothing.

It was a place that business was really good and most of the time she would wonder why customers passed his shop and opted not to buy her clothing as they were just good as her rivals were.

This went for a long time and she was even forced to lower the price of her clothes to lure the customers to buy them but it was not happening.

She definitely lost hope in the business a she would incur a lot of losses each month as the profit she was making was low and would not enable her develop her business at any time as she only used the money to pay her rent and maybe buy some two or three clothes bails to add to her stoke unlike her friends who bought even ten bails of clothes as addition.

She would even stay with the same type of clothe for up to a month without selling it something that really made her believe that business was not her calling and also had some mind of shutting down the business completely.

She really saw nothing of importance coming from the business hence there was no need of even straining to run it. She seeked help from various people who only told her to continue with the business as one day things would be on her side.

Her husband daily told her to shut down the business since she had been frequently disturbing him with money so that she could buy some stack yet she was doing the business.

Her husband had been terming the business as retrogressive and something that was only wasting her time since it had no any income and benefit to the family.

Brenda did not listen to all this ideas of the people but she kept n striving for all this days despite the upheavals the business she was running had. After sometimes she happened to chart a traditional doctor on facbook who claimed he had some business spells that would ensure her business really had some positive fruits.

His name was Dr Mugwenu and after three days they met. The spells were casted to her business and went back home to her activities. She had been getting ksh 20000 from a stoke of ksh 15000 but that month things were really different as she made ksh 45000 from her monthly sales.

With time she even had to take some two shops just to expand her business.

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