DP Ruto’s Bottom Up Economic Model is Hogwash and Nonsensical 

Sotik member of parliament Dominic Koskei has hit at the deputy president William Ruto’s bottom up economy approach.
Through his Facebook page Koskei termed the model as hogwash and nonsensical.
“Bottom-up economic model by Deputy President William Samoei Ruto is hogwash and nonsensical. It can work in USA under Joe Biden but not in Kenya  under William Ruto. Ruto has started his political foolery which his sycophants are singing and cannot even understand.Bottom-up model was an idea of Joe Biden and it can’t work in kenyan set up now,” he said.
” It’s the most inane and senseless thing that Ruto has coined so far.Comparing USA and Kenya at this point in time is sheer stupidity. USA is way beyond Kenya. In USA there is no land theft, there is no looting,  there is no chest thumping, Joe Biden is humble and I never heard him sabotaging President Barack Obama, in USA there is no washwash business and I never heard Joe Biden entertaining terrorists when he was the Vice President.Tuambiane Ukweli,” he added.
His post recieved mixed reactions here are some of that comments.
Emmanuel Chesta wrote “Who is fooling who here,Dp with all due respect is and has said we’re short of fools,why the American dream model being preached to clever peopl,wondering loudly,”
Gideon Abor wrote “Sometimes an idea cannot be validly accepted until put into practice,from the look of things it’s a misplaced priority,given that the incumbent has questionable traits,”
Kosimbei Bernard says “If we think that way  then we are heading to nowhere,DP want to buy ideas from developed country  to  make us aware of ways to improve economy and someone here just want us to avoid a beneficial ideas,let come up together and focus on our country’s development and not criticism, otherwise am sure you will not see the floor of the next parliament,trust the process,”
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