“I turned to alcohol after my divorce” Kenyan woman narrates end of her marriage life



Anne a Kenyan lady has revealed she turned to the bottle for consolation after a nasty divorce by her ex-husband whom she hidden his identity. She said that her friends had been roasting her and some instead of helping her out of the situation kept laughing at her despite being in such a sadistic mood after her husband left her. ”I started drinking a lot when I left my son’s dad. I had moved from Karen/got a new life with my husband, but one day, after three years I realized that I was actually separated and trying to wear a face that everything was okay but things were not good,”she said.

She said that she would have a public meltdown as one time she would scream at someone at a certain restaurant and someone recorded the entire incident which later her friends had something to cheer and roast her with.

She said this really affected her a lot since she even had some stigma and most of the times she would even spend in her house lonely thinking about her next move. She said that dealing with her divorce was really hard because she just had her mother and another distant friend to talk to. All her friends kept away after the viral video of her shouting to a waitress went viral.

“it was during this time that I realized my friends were plastic and basic, because apart from my mother and very distant friend, nobody else called to ask how I was holding up or how I was feeling about this but instead everyone passed judgment and kept away most of the times,”she said. She really loved the husband and really wondered what had gotten into him hence the unplanned divorce.

At her work place she would not concentrate as most of the times she was caught off and not concentrating on the job which really spiked some bad relationship with her boss and colleagues as they thought she was not with them. She tried to even fake her smile but things never worked as everyone knew what she was going through.

At some point people would point at her something that brought stigma at her. One day she landed details of a native doctor testimonials including the contacts and decided to reach him. They chatted with this native doctor and met him after three days. Return back broken marriage spells were casted to her.

She came back home and she was so much shocked as her husband had been wanting to come back where he even felt sorry for what he had done.

She is now happily living in her marriage with the husband as has really been their secret since she met Dr Mugwenu. Her husband has since changed and even vowed not to leave her at again.

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