Kenyan woman recalls how her 20 year old daughter was kidnapped and she was left a worried person



Christine a 47 year old lady who lives in Ugunja Siaya County narrated the story where just last year her daughter who had been studying in a day school was kidnapped.

She thought her daughter was at school but she had been waiting for her back home till 8 in in the pm but there were no signs of her returning back home.

She decided to contact her uncle where she would pass by as she came from school to have sometimes with her cousins but she was not there too.

She kept waiting for her daughter back home and it was now 12 am at night where she was not returning back. That late hour she decide to report the case to the nearby police station in Ugunja town that her daughter and a school kid was missing since she went to school.

That night she never slept as she stayed awake throughout the night trying to reach everyone who knew her daughter if they had come close to her. None of them said to have met her.

She was forced to walk up to the school where her daughter had been studying. She reported the case and records of their teachers clearly showed that their daughter had not reported to class the past day.

That was a clear indication that she had been kidnapped on morning hours when she was on her way to school. What worried her was that her kidnappers never called just to hear her daughters voice.

At least they would have even called to ask for ransom money but she waited for five days and no call came through. She kept crying for all those days and wondered what she would do to get her daughter back.

At some point she even had some thoughts that she was killed and dumped in a river that past the town but that was not true as the police searched everywhere. Her friends were really helping her locate her missing daughter since they knew her due her talkative nature to everyone.

Some would even offer to do some night search to locate her.
This was not successful as they never found her. It was now the sixth day and her daughter was still missing.

Through facebook where she had posted she had lost her daughter, one of her friends on her page introduced her to Dr Mugwenu a traditional doctor who would offer some vital help which would ensure she located her daughter as time was really moving, She was given this herbalist contacts and made sure she called.

That day he met Dr Mugwenu who did some spells of finding her lost daughter. The day did not end as a vehicle approached their home. The three guys had who brought her had kidnapped her as they said. They were not able to run as spells from Dr Mugwenu had really chained them.

They told the police everything where they even said that was their business. The poor guys had to face the wrath of law as the mother enjoyed some good moments with her missing daughter.

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