“my husband had thoughts of killing everyone in our house,”woman narrates how they lived in fear



Agnes a 43 year old woman have been in marriage for the last twenty years with her husband in Kiambu County. They had been blessed with three children.Just sometimes back her husband started having some form of stress and depression after he was sacked from his job but later got a new one within a month.

His behavior really changed and she thought it was due to the loss of her job but that was not true. Their three children had been having some good time with their dad just after he decided to change her mood.

Their children never liked how their dad behaved and once her daughter told her that she thought her dad was to some cult. Each moment they would see their dad arrive from work they would walk to their sleeping rooms for he truly sounded violent most of the times.

Agnes says that they would spend more hours talking with her husband till 2am late night for he would not feel to sleep. One day he came from his job and when her wife perused her laptop bag she came through a sharp knife that appeared to have been new.

She wondered what the knife was meant for yet she had not informed him to come with a new one.

She had to ask him where he ignited some wrangles. He would wake up In the middle of the night and seat in the balcony alone as the wife said. She had started suspecting some unusual behavior in her husband that she never had before.

At some point when they had been having their dinner he roared that she would kill them all something that her wife told the children maybe he was drank and alcohol was talking in him.

He was not drank and his wife had to ask him later why he had to scare the children. They lived in fear and Agnes did not even sleep. Their three daughter too slept dressed and ready to run as they never believed their dad behavior as he had once threatened to kill them.

Agnes had to find a solution to enable her husband change since he knew well he had some mental illness which would affect the family if she could not have taken precaution before someone even died in the family.

That was when her friend told him of Dr Mugwenu if it was really some mental problem. She was given Dr Mugwenu contacts where she contacted him and they met. He had some spiritual spells to her husband that were aimed at exorcising the evil spirit he was having.

She returned back home and after two days her husband asked for forgiveness on how he had been scaring them with death threats. He would now sleep peacefully and nothing was really disturbing him.
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