Two Anglican Church of Kenya Bishops have called upon political leaders to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in Kenya as a better way of transforming the Community.
Speaking at ACK St. Mathews Church in Eldoret during the 31st commemoration service of the late Bishop Alexander Muge who died in a mysterious road accident at Kipkaren on the Eldoret- Webuye highway on his way from Katakwa in Busia to Eldoret.
The Eldoret diocese Anglican Church Bishop Dr. Christopher Ruto and his Kitale counterpart Dr. Emmanuel Chemengich remembered the late Muge for his courage and firmness in fighting social injustice, freedom of speech, respect for rule of law and laying a good foundation for democratic space.
The Bishops cautioned political leaders against  attempts of going back to the dark days of silencing people who stand for the truth and question the government.They called for a transparent,open and society where people are allowed to speak freely.
The late Bishop Alexander Muges’ daughter Esther Muge emotionally remembered how their lives changed drastically at their tender age after the death of their father who was a key pillar in their family.
On their part,other speakers who closely interacted with the late Muge said he was fundamental in checking the excesses of the government as they asked the government resolve his death. Investigators have never come up with a report about his death.
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