A Kenyan nanny who stole a child and was fleeing to Uganda had to return the baby after a spell was done



She had been working as a nanny for five years in Kisumu and her boss had trusted her a lot. Her employers were such busy people to the extent they had to employ her to be taking care of their little child as they would have some busy day into their business in Kisumu town.

Jane the maid would not have much work at her employers home rather than taking care of a three year old child. She was being paid some good money plus offered some decent accommodation in her boss residence.

One day her employer came from work and found their nanny nor their child was not at home. They had to ask about their neighbors if they knew the whereabouts of their maid and their missing child.

Some of them said that the maid had been telling them that she had been going with the child for some little walk which was not true after things were clearly found that she had been fleeing with the kid to unknown destination.

Things were really hard for the couple as they had to halt their daily activities to search for their child. only a few people knew their nanny hence it was going to be a difficult task to locate where she was at that particular time.

Reporting to the police was not just enough as they would be more interrogative hence time was running and the parents had no patience. It was not three days and they wondered where the aid had gone with a child even with no food. Her mobile phone was not going through as it was off for all this time.

They tried to ask their relatives who had come across her but their efforts were just wasted. They lacked patience and the only way was to seek some trafitonal help from a renowned traditional doctor Mugwenu. This was after her husband suggested may be they would get a faster solution.

They contacted Dr Mugwenu and told him about their missing child and the woes they had been going through in locating where their child was.

They did not even meet Dr Mugwenu face to face but believed the spells would work even in distance circumstances. After three days, there were reports of a girl seen with a child trying to cross the Ugandan border but she could not as she said the kid was heavy and would not come from her hands.

She was arrested and when the couple came to witness it was their child and their former nanny. The poor nanny was held accountable by the border police as the couple had their little angel.

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