Kenyan lady narrates how she dated rich men but none was willing to marry her



Njeri a 37 year old recalls her story on how she had been into many relationships with more then 20 kenyan men who were wealthy. She was such a beautiful lady and this was what made the men get attracted to her. ”I dated the men and some would even offer to take me at any place I wanted since they had a lot of money. I would spend months in Mombasa/Kilifi and any popular holiday place I wanted to,”she said. Funny enough none of them seemed interested in marrying her. They had all been enjoying some ample time with her just to live her after sometimes.
She said some of the men she dated were top business men in the country while others came from the top political class. At some point she would afford anything she wanted as she would just call one of them and get money. She really wanted to get a lifetime man but she was so unlucky since the guys had been just there to enjoy what she had and none of them was willing to marry her or even know her parents. At some point she recalls how one business man had been arranging a wedding plan only for the chance to be blown and she really did not know what had really gone wrong.
She narrated the men she dated had a lot of money to the extent she would go on holiday outside the country with no problem. At some point she came to some thoughts that maybe she was having a certain problem that kept the men away from marrying her. Her mum had been asking why she kept posting pictures of all this rich men while she did not have a kid even with one. The pressure continued pilling at her as she was in the process of analyzing what was her problem that led to her woes.
She met a certain traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu through some social media platform. She had been so much aware of what this traditional doctor did to make peoples life easier by ending their life woes. She met Dr Mugwenu at his work place ready for his spells since life seemed to be difficult on her side and she really needed that help to make a marriage break through. Dr Mugwenu casted his marriage barrier spells to her. After three weeks things came to shock after one of the guys she had been dating proposed for marriage. She knew this were works of this man Dr Mugwenu as it happened sometimes after she toured him. She is now eight months old in her marriage with the guy she desired for a long time.
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