A woman talks about how back pains had been a problem but ended by use of this herbal oils



Jessica recalls she would not even sit upright or even sleep well as her back had been a problem for a long time due to some pain. She never knew what really brought the pain as some years back she had been just good with nothing that really disturbed her.

Most of the times she remained sited in in one posture and even would not walk for long distances as the back pains
would not allow. Doing home simple chores was such a huge problem as she would even not be able to bend and wash her clothes.


“I had to get a nanny who could wash my clothes together with my husband and do other important chores in our house like cooking and ensuring the house was in order,” she narrated.

She added that she had been to many hospitals but they never solved her puzzle of her ailing back as most of them would only provide with some pain killers that would reduce the back pain for while she needed the cure as it was really ruining her life. She did not work for long hours at her office as most of the times she would even have permission to leave the office early each day which put his work at stake as his boss never liked it.

She also went to the point of trying the herbal way ending the condition but nothing came neat to solve her problem. She really spent alot of money looking for something that would cure the condition only to have an embarrassment most of the times.

What really amused her the most was she never met her husband’s conjugal rights as her back could not have allowed as she would feel some pain that would not allow to enjoy her marital rights. She even had some fear that her husband would get another woman to meet his sexual desire as she was just there as a mural woman in the house.

Luckily she came through a herbalist and a traditional doctor Mugwenu through his Facebook account and talked to him about the challenge she was having. She arranged on how to meet this traditional doctor and after one day she was at his place. Dr Mugwenu gave her some herbal oils that she would smear to the ailing back each morning. Three days did not end and the pain was no more. She was now happy as she could do her chores and other activities as really the herbal medications from Dr Mugwenu had been powerful to end her long spell of back pain.

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