Keziah recalls working for a company for ten years with no promotion but finally promoted



She is a information technology officer where she worked in certain company just as a mere office attendant in the office despite having some skills beyond most of the people who worked in the company. Years passed thinking one day she would have some promotion at her work place only to be found in the same position every year. New people came in the company and they would not work for more than three years with no job promotion which meant some good salary as well.

Her only job in the entity was general work as she would be shifted from one work to the other as she was a mere office attendant.

“I would wonder how long would it take to get a promotion as my other colleagues got keeping in mind I was the longest serving worker in the company and really I deserved something special more than such a treatment,”she said. She thought her boss wanted some favors from her which would guarantee her job promotion but she was not ready for anything as she was such a woman who had her strong principles with her.

She never wanted to mix romance with work as other female workers did to lure their boss for some job promotions as she kept her hope alive things would work sometimes.

She continued to portray hard work each day to have some good merit which at times would lure her boss to see she was such a hardworking person where she hoped she would get a job promotion at a glance but that was not the case as her promotion was not that soon as she expected.

She had written rolls and rolls of letters to enable her get some job promotions but nothing had really been coming to show her promotion was on the way. She had now lost hope and even started having some options of wanting to work for another company which would guarantee her some good salary and obviously with some promotion after every duration of time.

She happened to have chatted a certain traditional doctor by the name Dr Mugwenu on facebook who assured to sort her woes of long time yearning for a job promotion back at her work. She had Dr Mugwenu contacts where she met him after three days.

Job promotions spells were casted to her which would make sure she got the right position of job hierarchy she needed. Three days after she was at Dr Mugwenu place things happened as she got a letter in their office that she had been promoted as the newly formed position at the office as a information officer. This was something she never expected as her life since then changed.

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