Woman shares her emotional story of walking to the labor room only to come out with no baby



Perris had been really living with sorrow as she had been carrying pregnancy for nine months only to walk out of the labor room with no child as they all died after she gave birth. This had been happening with almost each time she was pregnant and she would wonder what kind of curse she had really been living with. They kept hoping with the husband one day they would be called parents and the disaster they had been having for a long time would end at some point.

Perris said a lot of people from her family had been so much complaining of the marriage as they did not like the husband at the first place.

“my family had criticized me for marrying the guy as they felt we really did not supposed to be living together a reason enough which has been leading to our woes for a long time now,”she said crying. She added that not that she was infertile unlike other women were as she was fertile but was not in the position to get a child since all had been dying in the hospital when time of delivering came.

”I have witnessed three of my children cry in the hospital just after birth only to wake up the following morning while they were all dead,” she added.

She had been trying to reach out to her family members to relieve her since she had been in love with the husband and she only wanted to stay with him for the rest of her life. Each time she saw kids playing in their area of residence she would feel some jealousy and even imagined it was her kids running by. Her husband had lost hope in getting a child and he had even reached to the point of looking for a child to adopt.

They just lived in the marriage and wondered what would be used to identify their line age since they had no child to look upon. They had lost hope in everything, At some point she was pregnant again and she feared what had been happening for a long time would happen something that forced her to use some traditional doctor help by the name Dr Mugwenu. Dr Mugwenu had some child safe birth spells which would ensure the curse of every child she was
giving birth to did not die.

The spells were a success as she was able to safely deliver with ease and a weak later her new born baby girl was alive something that she really rejoiced. After all those years of yearning to get a baby they now had there own baby cry in their house.

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