A lady says she once looked like a frog due to skin rushes but now her beauty is glowing




Rehab had been living with an acne and rushes problem in her life for a while now and she would say she looked like a frog something that made people avoid her as they thought she would pass the condition to them.



She felt stigmatized and most of the times she only walked at night or if during the day, she would hide her face using a piece of clothing so that people could not see her face that had really been in a worrying state. ”I walked like a thief hiding my face as people would be shocked what was the problem with my face since pimples and acnes had been all over my face something that would even have scared some,”she said.



She tried using various ways she thought would end her problem only to realize she was adding some more woes to the condition. Each place she would seat people would just walk even without talking to her as really she was in a bad state.



She once seeked some herbal precautions from people she knew hoping tings would change but her efforts were really not adding anything special as the condition still prevailed. She would now scratch her body as the itching effect was now even more.



It reached a point the pimples emitted some bad smell odor accompanied with some pulse which really made her just stay indoors and she never wanted anyone to know about it.



“Bad smell would come from my body due to the skin disease and only my mother knew as she was the only one around me. I also had to forget about going to work as people would have run away from me since the smell was to much and I felt the only way safe was to remain in the house with my problems,”she said.



He mum to on the other way had been really trying hard to help have a solution to her daughter who had now been through hell in her life. No other person in the family had similar condition something that they would say it was inheritance and only her.



They had to try the traditional way which was trough meeting Dr Mugwenu after her mum was informed by one of her friends after telling her how her what her daughter had been going through.


Dr Mugwenu subjected her to some herbal medicine and gave her some concoctions which were to clean her blood. Three days later after she used and followed all the conditions/ the disease was no more as she would walk with confidence since the herbal oils from Dr Mugwenu burned everything that had really affecting her skin.



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