A family in Kiambu rejoices after their kin got healed from epilepsy after a long time of having the condition



Kinyanjui and his wife had been really living in worry and lost hope as their 16 year old son had been through hell for sometimes now.


Their son had been living with epilepsy something that her mum says he was born with. Despite being 16 years old/their son had been having some difficulties in his daily activities like going in school as someone had to be assigned to take care of him as the condition was that serious most of the times.


”our son really had been lagging behind in life in everything as the disease has been really a problem to him at some point he would even find it difficult to learn and have some play time with his friends,”they said.


The parents said that most of the times their child would remain worried and lonely since he felt others would laugh at him most of the times he fell due to the condition and even he only liked staying back home as in school his friends had been really stigmatizing him.


They said that despite efforts of trying to solve their son’s woes almost every effort had been of no impact as they would only spend money for negative impacts only. They had been also touring some governmental programs where doctors from outside the country had been helping people with medical attentions of ending epilepsy but that did not help at all.


“At times I would look at my only son and cry and wondered what had really gotten into him as I really loved him as my only male child but the disease had really bringing him down which made me sad most of the times,”the mother said. After a long time of being in desperation on how to end their son problem they decided to leave issues how they were as they said that was beyond them and they would have done nothing to change the fact that their son had been affected by this dreadful condition.


They consulted their various friends on how they would solve the situation and one of them suggested Dr Mugwenu a traditional doctor would help since he had one time helped them solve a similar case from their family. They contacted Dr Mugwenu and booked an appointment and met him after three days with their ailing son. Dr Mugwenu casted spells to exorcise the epilepsy in the child and since then he had just been living okay with nothing like epilepsy disturbing him.


He even went back to school and his teachers really testify they have never seen him have the same problem again.
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