A Kenyan couple lived in fear  Juma lived with his wife and three children in Kisumu and relocated to Bungoma after he got a new job




They moved to a new homestead and really it was hard to adapt the weather and climate change. What really shocked them was how their children got sick one after the other.


They did some investigation about the area they had been living and many people would tell them that there were some rogue people who had bad eyes from the place and whih made their kids to be sick in such a manner.


”our children were just okay in Kisumu and months after relocating to this new place they would get sick one after the other something that really gave us some sleepless nights as we saw this issue was beyond our knowledge,”he said.


Most of the times the wife would live in the hospital trying to take care of their ailing children who had the tendency of being hospitalized each time due to illness that had been a menace to the family. She would even use some herbal precautions that her mum would recommend for some protection from the hex people but they ended adding no value at all.


At times they children would get sick to the extent they thought they would die and things were really tough in this family. His wife was such a prayerful person but still I wondered who was really having some bad eye to my family.


“One time our son got sick to the extent he had to spent three weeks in hospital and I with my wife thought he was dying but things had to be okay after sometimes,”he said. That was not enough as he said a week later the other two children were too hospitalized as they had diseases with them and wondered what had really been with them.


They really did not like spending too much time in hospitals as the conditions of people who had been ailing with different disease and problem did not look a good picture to them.


His wife told him about tying a traditional way of doing things since the problem really made their children not to have sleep. She had known about Dr Mugwenu through her long time friend and she recommended for his way where the husband agreed.


They visited Dr Mugwenu who foretold them that someone had been really looking their children with some bad eyes and were their hexes which never were jealous of their beauty family. Spells meant to protect the family were casted by Dr Mugwenu and since then they have never had the same problem in their family at any time.


Dr Mugwenu says his spells work within 24 hours. He solves problems ranging from winning court cases, winning lottery, family protection and property protections and he might also foretell ones future.


He heals various diseases like TB, syphilis and manhood problems. Distance healing can also work so it is a better way of saving high costs of transport and so on. Connect with him on – +254740637248 email mugwenudoctors@gmail.com website www.mugwenudoctors.com

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