An inspiration story of a Kenyan man who used a magi ring and really is happy with his business



Kirago was a large scale famer who would farm large acres of land and sell his products for money. He says at times he was faced with challenges like low price of the produce something that he say has been the worst ever problem to him.



At some point he said natural disasters like rain and floods really hindered him from harvesting his target as at times all his farm produce would be swept away leaving him with nothing despite huge money he had invested into his business.



At times he said he would harvest huge tracts of maize and lack the market to sell his produce saying he thought most of the time he had bad luck in life as other people in the market sold their produce with ease.



“My produce would stay in the store for even a year and I would wonder why other people would sell their products and when it came to me I had some difficulties in even selling ten bags and due to this i had been having ideas of quitting the business for all,”he said.



He had even been thinking of venturing into transport business as he saw the business would not incur much losses as farming was doing in his case. At some point he said they had been affected with people who would import maize which really made the price to lower hence keeping their product in stores for more days.


“Brokers really spoiled this business as they would order maize from outside the country which meant we would not have some market for our own as people and other millers rushed to buy the cheaper ones,”he added.


He kept on pushing despite the business pushing him to the wall and his probability of quitting was high each day. At times he was even to sell his maize to people and brokers for a cheaper price as really he had no market.


After a long time of upheavals in the business, he met this man Dr Mugwenu a traditional doctor through his popular website where he chatted with him and had his contacts. He met him after the third day and having shared his woes to Dr Mugwenu business spells were casted and at the same time given a magic ring which would always be giving him some luck into his business activities.


He went back to his business and that month he saw wonders as he would get a lot of money from his business as lorries and many trucks would pack for his products. He even regretted how he met Dr Mugwenu so late after years of having gone through hell in the business.


Dr Mugwenu says his spells work within 24 hours. He solves problems ranging from winning court cases, winning lottery, family protection and property protections and he might also foretell ones future. He heals various diseases like TB, syphilis and manhood problems.


Distance healing can also work so it is a better way of saving high costs of transport and so on. Connect with him on – +254740637248 website

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