Caren Nekesa Wants Inspector General of Police to Intervene After Police Did This to Her


Caren Nekesa from Baringo County Maji Mazuri is seeking justice after her husband who was convicted in court was rearrested after paying a Court fine.

Speaking to the press Nekesa said  her husband had been convicted in a Ravine court for  6 months in prison or an alternative fine of 50k.

“My husband was arrested where he was found with 19 rolls of bhang worth 2000 shillings street value, he was taken to court where he was told to pay a fine of sh 50000 or 6 months in prison. I took a loan and paid the cash to the OCS Makutano  George Jabando where my husband was released,” she said.

Nekesa says that after three days her husband was rearrested.

“It sad that my husband was rearrested despite paying the Sh 50,000 that I was told to pay by the court, I am calling upon the inspector general of police to help me so that my husband may be released and the OCS to refund my money since I took a loan and they are on my neck,” she said.


Kimutai Kirui  Human Rights Activist for Center against torture called for the arrest and prosecution of the police involved.

“It is sad the rights of Caren Nekesa were infringed by the said police officer how can an officer take money on behalf of the court. George Jabando took the money, released the suspect without any court release order, money the wife took a loan to secure the husband’s freedom only for him to be arrested,” Kirui said.


He says the fine is supposed to be paid in court and not in a police station and wondered why he was released without a release order.


OCPD Makutano police station OCPD  Maxwell Ogoro speaking through the phone said investigations are underway and stern actions will be taken against all those involved

“I received the report and I endeavor to investigate the matter, I have rerecorded statements of those witnesses mentioned and should anyone be found culpable the right cause of the law will be taken without hiding anything. Right now we have been investigating in the verge of finishing the report then forwarding it to the right person. No one should be spared if found culpable,” he said through a phone interview.

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