OPINION :BBI appellants will most likely carry the day

By Eldoret Based Human Rights Activist Kimutai Kirui
We had 24 years Moi’s of misrule, years associated with the darkest history of Kenya, land grabbing that even led to less forest cover across thecountry,, misgovernanc,collapse of state institutions,abuse of power, – police,Special Branch or courts,
Years we witnessed unmitigated Detention without trial,dictatorial one part rule,graft and gross Human Rights Abuses.
During the glamour for Multi party Kalenjin lagged behind.
We had the opportunity to correct KANU misdeeds but we stuck on to Moi despite agriculture,our mainstream economical activity falling,roads and overall well being plummeting.
In 2002 Kalenjin voted for Uhuru Kenyatta to a man,Dr Ruto as the Chief campaigner or strategist but lostIn 2007 we voted in Raila to a man under patronage of Dr Ruto and lost.
We hated Mwai Kibaki a man who changed the tides and fortunes of am entire nation.
Dr Ruto never supported Kibaki nor any change movement.
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However,Ruto has been a great game changer in every ministry he was appointed… mostly Ministry of Higher Education.
Later we opposed 2010 Constitution under Ruto and lost.
Peasants with less than half an acre ten bothers were told 2010 will take away lands and we agreed…my question is… how did we or how can we defend what we don’t have?
We’re now opposed to BBI.Will it pass??
Dr Ruto will run against Raila and Uhuru ,will he make?
The battle begins here.

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