The long-drawn BBI process has been taxing to Kenyans. It has supped their energy, attention, time and tested their patience to no limit. Kenyans both for and against BBI, being an extremely resilient people, have borne the BBI journey stoically. They deserve kudos for staying sober in adversity.



It is due to this peculiar Kenyan character of perseverance that the BBI process did not witness any violent scenes reminiscence of such contentious political undertakings; though there were some ugly provocations in some instances.



But now that a judgement has been rendered, we should all unanimously as a united people focus on more pressing matters that are crying out for attention. We cannot live a dream forever. At one point, we must wake up to the reality and move on.



Following the Court of Appeal upholding the High Court ruling on BBI, therefore;



1) ANC respects the decision of the Court of Appeal to uphold of the High Court one on the BBI matter. This buttresses our unwavering belief in the rule of law and independence of the Judiciary; and other independent offices and commissions set out in the Constitution. It affirms the confidence we have in our judges to discharge their constitutional duty of interpreting the constitution for which I have no doubt they have done purely on basis of their reading of the law and impartially as their oath of office requires of them.




2) ANC supported BBI for the its beneficial clauses to Kenyans. When we say it is time to move on, we mean that those non-contentious articles in the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill 2020 can be salvaged through a bipartisan national and parliamentary process. We therefore encourage Parliament to seize this moment and lead Kenyans in a collective process that salvages what is useful from BBI.




3) ANC urges all Kenyans of goodwill to now move on and focus on pressing matters that affect them. One such urgent matter is how to manage the Covid-19 pandemic, its deleterious impact on livelihoods and the need to cushion Kenyans increasingly being pummelled into economic destitution. In other words, our attention should shift to economic recovery.




4) Towards this end, ANC requests the President to consider full focus on the fight and management of the Covid-19 pandemic by reallocating the funds that had been intended for the BBI campaign and referendum vote, to acquisition of enough vaccines for Kenyans.



5) ANC calls Kenyans to also focus on the urgency of creating the right environment for a free, fair and credible Elections 2022. Any slackening of the pace to prepare Kenya for elections 2022 will be betrayal. All assistance, support and capacity building should now be directed at IEBC to enable the commission prepare fully for Elections 2022.

Hon Musalia Mudavadi, EGH,

ANC Party Leader

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