Governor Wangamati was today feted as the best performing Governor in Western Kenya in the County Gala Award in a function presided over by Senate Speaker Hon Kenneth Lusaka.



According to Khalid Njiraini, the County Awards Chief Executive, the survey considered several essential attributes and qualities that make a good leader.



In awarding Governor Wangamati, they specifically, they looked at personal integrity, emotional intelligence, empathy, leadership, vision, political judgment, political courage, political passion and accessibility.



Speaking as he accepted the award, Governor Wangamati acknowledged that the award does more than recognise leaders for their performance, it actually sets a bar below which all of us here must not sink.

“Doing so means working even harder for our people. This here is a challenge to all of us and its a challenge I gladly take,” he said.


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The Governor dedicated the Award to the people of Bungoma and committed to stay true to his promise to serve all without discrimination.



The Governor restated his focus to improving healthcare, state of roads, agriculture and state of food, water, roads and education in the County.

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