What You Should do For Your Children to Love You

Maintaining a good relationship with your parents has become a problem to many.
In some cases this becomes inevitable especially when it comes to parenting the adult children. However, we can learn how to live with them and create a good health relationship with them.
Some of the things that we should do to achieve this healthy relationship with our parents include;
Respect them
Parents should be placed on the second line of respect after God. They were the second people to give your life just after God created you. They deserve to be respected despite the circumstance or situation. They have always wanted to keep your happiness over their own. They have helped you make the steps to where you are now.
Your parents have been your pillar since your childhood.  Weighing all that, they deserve to be respected. All you need to do is see them as your parents and not like any other friend or person you meet on the road way.
Be Honest
Mostly what bond us with people whom we claim to be close to is trust. Telling what is true act as a screening agent that shows how much honest we are.
Coming clear and clean to your parents is one thing that strengthen the bond that exists.  Sharing with your parents what is going on in your life may reinforce the bond between you. Tell them what bothers you or the achievement and small steps that you have made in your life.
They are always happy to see their children succeed.
Deal With Things in a Mature way
Life isn’t that smooth even we are in our parent’s territory. In one way or the other we get to disagree and cross each other’s line.  Hence contribute in breaching the relationship that we have with them. Agree to the fact that your parents are always correct.
They are older than you and they may have experienced more than you, probably they may be correct. In a situation where you feel they really have to hear you out and respect your opinion, take it slow with them so as to bring them to a common ground. Deal with the problems and hard situation with the adult in you and not the child in you.
You may be still a child to them but remember you are growing old. In some years to come, you will also be a parent and you will need some wisdom to solve family problems. If you learn now how to solve disagreement with your parents and siblings, you are probably at a good position to live well with people as well as be able to handle hard situation in a wise way in the future.
Be humorous with them
Not all time requires seriousness while talking to your parents. It’s good to create time to joke around, laugh and be happy. It is not that easy to live with parents sometimes, especially the ageing parents.
You might find yourself in an argument with them or they may piss you off by expecting you to do what you don’t want to but you have to understand that you are no longer that small child. You should learn how to deal with your moods and control your temper as an adult. Don’t get into a conflict with them. You don’t have to show them how upset you are.  Instead, find how to turn that into something good. Try get humor in every action and it will help you walk out of the anger and get to a situation where you can talk out the problem.
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Create some sensible distance
 Sometimes distance be the reason as to why we break the relationship with our parents and the best thing that can help us strengthen it in a situation you find that the more close you are with your them the more you get into a fight, create some distance.
Distance will help you correct the differences that exists between you and them. This is because when we spend most of the times away from them we get to miss them and forget all that had happened.  Let it be a reasonable distance that all of you can reach each other.
Always Check On Them
They say home is the best place to be. Home sweet home. If you are living a distant place from them, it is always good to keep checking on them by visiting them as frequent as possible.
If you are not able to do that due to your tight schedule, call them at least after every two days to get to know how they are doing. Parents like to hear how their children are doing.
They associate you with good thoughts any time you do that hence building a good rapport with them. Don’t wait when there is trouble or a problem for you to communicate with them.
 Show them love
 Would you have been alive if it were not for them? Nothing is more important than your parents. They should be among your top priorities in your life. Make them feel the joy of having a kid while they are still alive. Get them gifts, take them out and treat them well.
They deserve to get the gifts and taken out much more than your so called girlfriend or friends. They gave your life right after God did so learn to appreciate them.
By GraceMwita

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