A Kenyan woman shares a story on how they got justice after her husband was accused of crime



Lindah and her husband had been operating a business in Nairobi outskirts and one day as they were in their shop happened to have heard some gun shots. Within no time the police shot three gangsters and happened to have been looking for the forth hurriedly entered their business area and arrested Linda’s husband saying he was the forth robber who they had been tracing for a long time now. She did not understand how she had been staying with his husband the whole day only for the police to arrest him as they said he was a criminal. Lindah said that
one of the robbers was spotted running towards their shop but diverted and the police thought
it was the husband where they arrested him.

“My husband had been mistakenly arrested by the police who seemed confused, beaten up and taken to the police custody and I wondered what had he had really done to deserve all this as he was just a good man who was a law abiding citizen,”she said . She tried to tell the police her husband was not a criminal but they disputed what she was telling them and thrown the husband In the police land cruiser. They did not give him time to defend himself as some would even beat him up something that Lindah thought they would kill him.

He had now been in the police custody for sometimes and Lindah was worried and at times she would visit him in each day in the police custody after being held for a long time. They had been preparing to charge him with robbery with violence and Lindah was a worried wife as she knew how people really faced the wrath of law in the wrong way hence she had to try a way of saving her husband from this situation as things were really going the wrong way. She tried to consult with the police even to check her husband’s finger prints but they refused as they said they had
al the evidence he was a robber something which Lindah had been really disputing.

She even thought of hiring a lawyer but it was too late for that. Just of Facebook she met a traditional doctor who claimed would assist solve her worry buy ensuring her husband would walk scot free with justice in his side if he was truly not a criminal. He casted justice spells to Linda’s husband and when the day of verdict reached, she was shocked as the court freed his husband since there were no evidence he had been engaging in any criminal activities. The family reunited after living worried for a month.

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