A shocking story of a man who nearly killed his family after he got sacked



With the arrival of covid 19 in the country a lot of people have been undergoing some form of depression as some have been victims of job losses and other forms brought by restrictions of lockdown and strict measures. Griffins worked as a hotel attendant in Nairobi but he had to be jobless as the hotel was to be closed since the covid-19 thing had affected its operation and no customers were even coming to the hotel at any time. He had a wife and two children who needed someone to feed them and even educate them and he was the only person to do this
since the wife had no job and only remained home to take care of the children.

“After the loss of my only job and the only thing that gave my family some hope, I felt very depressed and stressed as I had no other source of income and even most of the times I thought of stealing just to feed my family,”he said. He was not the only one sacked as many other people had been sacked but his condition was even more worse as he had people who depended that much on him which really had to affected him in one way or the other.

He would not even have the appetite to eat as most of the times he would think how the family
would survive the following as he had lost his job. He said that at one time he thought of poisoning his entire family to ease the burden as things were really tough on his side. “one day as I walked home after I had not found anything for my family to eat I bought some pesticide which I planned to out into my families cooked food to kill
them as life had been really harder on my side,”he said.

As days went by the more things were even tougher. He would now rely on loans not for business but for consumption something that was really weird according to him//Friends who had been pleading loyal to him were nowhere to be seen at that particular time where some even had changed their mobile numbers.

After a long time of living the hard way, he met Dr Mugwenu after he saw some advertisement on his facebook page. He contacted him and met him. He wanted to do some business and so Dr Mugwenu had to cast some business spells which would make sure the business he engaged in picked within a shortest time. This happened as he started a small boutique which really developed within time to a big business as he had even had to work with his wife to manage it.

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