A business woman says her life has since changed as covid 19 affected her business




Millicent had been a poultry famer since she resigned her job as a teacher where she had been disputing the low salary she had been earning as a teacher and decided to venture into poultry farming something she says had been giving her more money than the chalk work.



However things had been messy since the beginning of 2020 as the government announced covid 19 a disaster hence putting up some strict restrictions which would hinder her from doing her business well since she would not traverse one county to the other and sell her chicken.


“I would sell my chicken to almost all counties in the country and make market each place I went but since the infection landed here in Kenya I have been a more worried person as at times I have to sell my chicken in one county something that has really lowered my income, ”she said.



At some point she had to lower the price of the chicken she was selling to more less price to enable customers buy which really affected her net income from her business.



She said the restrictions and government measures messed up with her business she even lost some of her valuable customers who would even by his chicken with a good price.


“I was now relying on domestic customers and small scale buyers who would buy my chicken at a throw away price something that left her with no profit to enjoy most of the times,” she lamented.



She also had to reduce the number of chicken she was rearing so as she would bear with the rate at which people were buying them so as not to get much losses each time. She tried every means to keep her business alive as really that was what she depended on surviving and also paying her employees.


Things seemed to be even more worse as the government did not and was not any time doing away with the restrictions and her business remained affected by the wave.


She wondered what to do to still compete in the market but she was not ready to close her business as other people who feared losses did.



She met Dr Mugwenu a spell caster who had some business spells to her business and assured her business safety and nothing would affect her business despite the hard times.


This was true as she would even make more money with the lockdown and just from that one county she would make millions and still not give up of the business.


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