A Kenyan woman shares on how she chose to embrace her sacking and now doing some business



She had been really working in a certain private company that dealt with tourism for six years now. Just after the covid 19 came, workers in their company had to be reduced since the company would not bear the cost of paying all the workers since they said it was a burden since they had been really striked by the covid 19 wave.



Angela got sacked among other workers from the company and her journey of looking for another job began. She moved from different offices to the other in such for a job something she says was not fruitful.



“covid 19 had brought some hard life to me. I moved from one office to the other in search of a job but I was not successful as most of the times the companies told me to wait until the covid 19 issue had really reduced and that was when they would need fresh employees,”she said.


She had no child to feed as she was not married but needed some money to survive on as she would not stay with no job since she had a life to live as other working women.


She ventured into fish selling business with the little capital she had saved the days she had been working and that would give her some little money she would use to buy herself some food and other valuables.


She would make ksh 750 daily from her new business and she said it was far even better than not making something. She tried and improved her business by ensuring each day she would add some extra stock to boost her sales so as to make more money.


The business had not yet had that break through that would enable her get a lot of profits and so she went with the flow of the business. Customers had been coming to her business in a low turnout but each day.


After sometimes she was introduced to a certain traditional doctor who she was told would solve her long time woes. She met Dr Mugwenu who casted some business spells to her business to excel.


Since then she even had to open an extra fish selling business in form of a hotel where she would make a lot of money and even at some point she had to open other businesses as result of more profits she got. She says she since then liked her job and not even a single time she ever imagines of being employed.


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