A woman says she had to bear with her new way of living after her business was affected in this post-covid 19 eras




She had really been depending on selling of second hand clothes mostly which came from abroad as “mitumba” with time due to the rise of infections in Kenya, the government put some restrictions that inhibited the importation of the clothing’s for sometimes and the business she was doing in Gikomba Market was really affected. She then had no option of surviving and ventured into fruits juice business which she said she started with the little capital she had saved when she was doing the mitumba business in Gikomba.


”The little money that I had saved from my first business helped me open a one room shop where I would sell some juice which I would blend various types of fruits for some money as it was better than staying idle,”she said.


The business was not that good as people would just pass by her shop and most of the times she would even have to throw away some of the juice she had made.


Still it was some good way of surviving since she would not get back home with less than ksh 2000 per day money which was just little compared to the business she had been doing before the infections were declared in the country. She continued to add some work hard in the business since she knew that was her only way she was to survive in the city.


“Just after the government imposed the hard restrictions which affected our business, some of my friends we had been doing business with had to go back to their interior as they said life would be more difficult in the city and I decided to face the challenges by myself,”she said.


With time she became versant to the business but still people would not turn out that much since the rules did not allow them to mingle in such places like she had set her business.


She needed more customers as she saw the business had some potential of becoming a large entity with time. She met Dr Mugwenu a traditional doctor she happened to meet on facebook where she also had his contactsm She met him and business spells were casted into her business which would break anything that would hinder her from making huge profits.


One week later she did not believe what she was really making from the business as she would even make more money and never at one time did she have interest of going back to her earlier business.


Dr Mugwenu says his spells work within 24 hours. He solves problems ranging from winning court cases, winning lottery, family protection and property protections and he might also foretell ones future.


He heals various diseases like TB, syphilis and manhood problems.


Distance healing can also work so it is a better way of saving high costs of transport and so on. Connect with him on – +254740637248 email mugwenudoctors@gmail.com website www.mugwenudoctors.com

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