What My Husband Did To Me To Accept Him Back Into My Life


Honestly, I had sworn never marry my husband again after we had parted ways for more than a year. I
always ask myself what the man did to me to the extend that we got re-engaged again.

He is so tall, dark and handsome, many ladies ideal type of a man they wishe to have in their lives.
He turns the ladies heads everywhere he goes down.

We had just been married for 2 years when I started being subjected to too much of mental abuse much
from him. I almost fell into depression at some point.

After few months of this uncommon behaviours, I learnt that the guy was cheating on me with my close
friend. It hurt and heatbroke me to the extend of quitting the marriage. I decided to nurse my
heartbreak away from him and maybe give him the freedom and time to solidify the relationship with
my friend. Few weeks later, I got a well paying job as I tripled his monthly salary.

The guy started calling me back into his life by sending his friends to me to have a second thought. I
rejected at the highest tone ever. Who would wish to go back to such a disrespectful and disgusting
guy? After four days, I unexpectedly found mused into the guys house and agreed to re-engage so that
we can build our family together.



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We are happily married and blessed with two wonderful children.

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