Dear Kenyans,


On the 22nd of January 2021 I presented myself to the DCI regarding the acquisition of my farm in Yatta. This was in response to allegations made about me by the chief priest of corruption I had illegally acquired it. All relevant documentation required to investigate this matter thoroughly was availed to the DCI.


That is the correct approach that should be taken when false utterances are made against leaders. Scrutiny and investigations by the relevant agencies are hence crucial and of paramount importance. This is the ONLY way to defeat the lies repeated by certain politicians who seek to create an artificial reality for Kenyans.



Today, the truth illuminated itself, and the lies have been exposed. The DCI has found zero evidence of wrongdoing on my part. This reflects my principles and values in life that you do not need to steal to become relevant in society. Indeed hard work pays.


Fellow Kenyans,


At the moment, I am not in government. I am working to lead this nation so as to champion your rights and protect your wealth for the future wellbeing of our country.


Kenyans must be wise and seek clarity from vote seekers about real truths. Truths about their possessions’ and their public service track records. We cannot have a man who dips his hand into the cookie jar at every single opportunity and at the same time present himself as a messiah.


I therefore insist that lifestyle audit must be made compulsory before one is cleared to contest for public office in the upcoming general elections. When President, I will ensure that this becomes a prerequisite for all government appointments.


I will also recover stolen money and inject it into projects that benefit the youth. Today millions of youths continue to be saddled with student loans in the midst of biting unemployment. If we tame the greed by leaders, we will release billions of shillings into the economy and create jobs for our people.


We cannot have a man who has looted our coffers and cabal of his allies who are facing serious economic crimes ascend to power. They are not seeking the presidency to serve Kenyans but to protect their ill gotten wealth.

Dear Kenyans,


The elections of 2022 will be a game changer for Kenya, similar to the landmark elections of 2002, exactly twenty years ago. It will be the coming of age for many young people in our nation. I intend to speak to the youth emphatically about the power of their vote in determining their future.


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As a public servant who has had opportunity to serve this nation in various capacities within government -including being the 10th Vice President of the Republic of Kenya- I have always been guided by the principles of truth and justice.


We cannot fathom a country where corruption becomes way of life. We will wage an aggressive war against all those who have impoverished our country through relentless looting.


To demonstrate our commitment on the war against corruption, I will establish the office of the protector of public interest domiciled in the office of the president to compliment the work of EACC in confronting corruption in our public sector.


We will also establish a state capture commission of inquiry and lay bare to Kenyans the extend of the looting undertaken by those invoking the name of God to hoodwink Kenyans.


This commission will be time bound and its recommendations will be acted upon by the DPP to institute prosecutions and institute an aggressive asset recovery campaign against enemies of the state.


We must come to the painful realization that irrespective of how well we grow the economy, unless we tame the ghost of corruption, we will never realize our potential as a nation.


Corruption poses the greatest risk to our motherland, both economically and security wise. If we make a mistake and allow these characters anywhere close to power, we will have killed the soul of our nation and the consequences of it will bedevil us for many decades to come.


Fellow Kenyans,


Today, our people continue to bear the brunt of corruption in all facets of the economy. Our people in Elgeyo Marakwet are faced with chronic water problems because Arrow and Kimwarer dam funds were looted. The same story obtains in Nakuru county after Itare dam construction stalled due to corruption.


Our countryman Muteshi died a desolate man after fighting grabbing of his 100 acre farm by the second powerful man in the country. An entire river in Taita Taveta county was diverted to the detriment of local residents to serve interests of a land grabber.


Today thousands of our people in Taita Taveta County remain landless because of grabbing visited on them by deputy president. He bought grabbed land with full knowledge, because where his interests matter, his conscience takes a break. It is only fair that it reverts to the people of Taita Taveta.


The reason why our young officer Sergeant Kenei is not alive today is corruption. The reason why our people are being lied to day by day with empty promises, empty sloganeering is because of the corrupt wanting to hide behind power.

As he preaches a false hustler narrative, today the deputy president owns five high end helicopters piloted by white captains with an exclusive grabbed hanger at Wilson airport.


The ADC land in Laikipia was grabbed by William Ruto and must revert back to the state. He also took a loan at AFC to irregularly obtain land belonging to former vice president Joseph Murumbi in Kilgoris.


The National Land Commission made a finding that Weston Hotels sits on land belonging to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. An attempt was even made to grab the land belonging to Lang’ata road primary school that culminated in teargasing of school kids. The list is endless.


We owe it to ourselves and future generations to rid this country of corruption which has plagued our economy, and to reengineer our economy towards double digit growth better than was when I was H.E Mwai Kibaki’s Vice President.


According to President Uhuru Kenyatta, we lose over 2 billion Kshs a day of hard-earned taxpayers’ money to thievery.
Today, fellow countrymen, I candidly put it to you – we must stop this vice once and for all.
Na kutoka leo tunamulika mwizi!

God Bless You All!
God Bless Kenya!

One Kenya, One Nation!

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