Woman talks about her journey of looking for the right man until the age of 40 years when he got married



Mary lived in loneliness for all this years as she said every man she met had their own excuses which really wanted her marriage time as they would only have some couple of days and even spate. She says she was eager to get married and have a family of her own something that was not happening anytime soon as al the men she met really did not match her likes and even some only wanted to use her and later dump her.

”I met different kinds of men into my life the poor,rich, handsome and the average but by heart had not settled with them as well as my instincts as I thought some were just pretenders who wanted to satisfy their sexual thirst with me,”she said.

She was the first female child in her family and time had really been going. She was a working class woman and most of the man would fear even talking to her as they thought maybe her class deserved someone who had been really economically stable to maintain her as she was even driving herself to work.

She said she tempted at times to approach different types of men to ask for a marriage life something that would be considered ordinary and which was the opposite of what the society expected. She even tried to lure a man they had been friends for a long time with her money for marriage but the guy felt downplayed and rejected the offer.

“living this kind of life was something I never thought would once happen to my life as I was so much desperate to get a husband and none was even on the way as all men I met had their various reasons for not allowing me into their life,”she lamented.

On the hand her parents would even call her and ask when she was having a husband as they had really been yearning to see their grandchildren and time was really running. She had nothing to answer at this particular time she felt lonely and with a low self esteem.

Through a friend she was able to meet Dr Mugwenu for some assistance as she even thought her problem would be solved the traditional way. Dr Mugwenu casted the marriage spells to her life and she even did not spend a week without getting a husband.

This was some good news to the family as she got married at the age of 40 and expecting her first child soon.

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