How a needy student who scored 400 marks offered to sell his kidneys for lack of scholarship




She was a partial orphan in Kitale and lived where she lived with the mother. She had scored 400 marks in her KCPE examination and now she was eager to join a top secondary school.


She opted to sell her kidneys to finance her secondary school education. The 15 year old said her mother a hair dresser was not in the position to raise her school fees. She said he desires to further her studies and archive her dreams could not be realized without school fees and therefore resorted to selling one of her kidneys.


“I have no other option to raise my school fees. What is at my disposal right now is my kidney,” she said. She said she was to look for a buyer and she was willing to go through the surgical procedure to see her kidney removed.


“I am not worried about the procedure of removing it. My interest is to see that I get my secondary education school fees,” she said. Her mother said that she was worried by her daughter’s decision and that she has been shaving sleepless nights thinking of how to raise her school fees.


“From that day I received my daughter’s impressive results, I have not known peace. I have been thinking of where to get my child’s school fees,” she said.


The family was in limbo on how they could raise money to ensure their daughter education never came to an end. She had been aspiring to be a lawyer dreams that were being cut short slowly by the fact that his mother would not raise money for her secondary education. Her mother seeked some sort of help from people she knew would offer them support but her efforts were meaningless.


She heard about Dr Mugwenu a traditional doctor who offered people with some help. She visited her offices after her friend had directed her to this herbalist. Dr Mugwenu offered her some spells that would ensure her child’s education never came to an end as she was to get a someone who would sponsor her throughout her education.


A week after coming from Dr Mugwenu, she got a sponsor who offered to educate her for the rest of her life and even find her that dream job. The family really rejoiced as their daughter had something not to worry about.

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