How I Confused My Husband About DNA Test


My husband suspected that I was cheating on him and he even reached a point that we should do the DNA test to our kids. Of course I had played several matches outside our marriage and two our of the three children weren’t his.


I wanted to dodge his request because it would ignite mistrust in our marriage that could even lead to divorce.


It wouldn’t bother me. (Well, not at the beginning, Which means, I would say yes) Get the test done but leave my child/children out of it. I would hate to have to explain to them why the hell we’re doing this. And because they’re brilliant, they would definitely figure it out and that would scar them for life.


Which is shit I’m not willing to put my kids through (unless of course they are under 2yrs)

So I asked him to wait for when they are unwell so we go to hospital and get his/her/their swabs done. Upon which, once you get your results, you and I can revisit this whole issue because believe you me, we would need a ring and referee to keep me in check once I begin punching or throwing jabs for ever thinking I’m the kind to lie about the paternity of my kids.


My husband insisted and pushed to the wall to take our children for a DNA test. I wanted to make him purge out of his mind that notion of getting tested.


I knew things wouldn’t work out well. I was scared and my marriage was on the toppling spree.


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From that day, my husband has never talked of testing DNA and we are happily married with children. I stopped cheating on him and now he believes all the three children are his.

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