Meet Isaack Kemboi Sichei alias Mkenya Isaac Seven Million Using His Online Sites to Earn a Living


Isaack Kemboi Sichei alias Mkenya Isaac Seven Million from Trans-Nzoia, in Kiminini Constituency, is a comedian using his talent on social media to earn a living.

Mkenya Isaac says he discovered his talent while in secondary school where his talent was nurtured by the chairman of the drama club Mr. Samuel Kibet Maiyo.

“After completing my secondary education I joined the Mantix theatre group based in Kitale, but in my mind, I wanted to do set book acting. I got a chance to join United Jumbos Theatre in Nairobi wherein the auditions I played the part of a drunkard and I got a chance to work with them,” said Mkenya.

He said after some time he went back to Kitale and formed his group Jubilant production where he did set book acting.

“There was much competition on the same and I decided to study Journalism at Nairobi Aviation College,this did not go well with my father who after one semester told me to do a teaching course,” he said.

He joined Garissa Teachers Training College where he trained as a PI teacher.

“When I was called to the institution it did not go well with me since i wanted to be a comedian, but I had no option but to join. While in the institution I joined Drama club where I was a celebrity and performed in many events including a graduation ceremony where Hon Duale came I entertained him and he gave me 5,000 where he told me that I am a product of Churchill’s comedy show,” he said.

Mkenya said he had an opportunity to travel to Thailand to teach English where he taught from 2017-2020

“While I was teaching in Thailand i was still acting, Since there was free Wifi I started doing online short clips on Facebook where i got many views and comments.I got encouraged and that is how i became popular,” he said.

He says he wants to inspire seven Million people to think towards the positive direction of life.

Through his love for KDF Mkenya walked for 47 kilometers to celebrate KDFA

“I walked 47 kilometers to celebrate the good work of KDF., I walked from Kitale to Soy by educating, entertaining, and preaching peace. Each Kilometer represented one KDF officer. I want to use my talents to benefit myself and all Kenyans,” he said.

He encourages youths to join acting saying it can help them put food on the table.

“Acting online pays very well especially when you have a big fan base, where I now advertise people’s products at a feed, and sometimes fans who love my work can send bundles,” he said.

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  1. Alex Aludah says:

    Now a very good friend of mine.
    So Talented and outgoing Guy.
    May God bless you and your endeavors abundantly, Sir Isaac.
    With regards,
    @KQstyles Brands.

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