I divorced my husband 2 years ago and am looking for a man who will marry me.


A 35 year old Nairobi woman took netizens by surprise after she revealed that she has been looking for a husband for more than 3 years but all in vains. She claims all the men she has been meeting are always never serious or some get intimidated when they realize that she is a millionaire. Grace was married for 5 years before they separate with husband due to infidelity related issues. We met her so that she narrate her side of story.

“My name is Grace Waweru and am business woman and a mother.I was married for 5 years before we separated with my husband.We started life in Kayole selling Mitumba clothes in Gikomba. Slowly my husband got a contract to supply food with some NGO which was paying him good money.We shifted from Kayole and went to South C since my husband had good money.All of sudden he started to change and began cheating on me with many women.One day he came home and said he was never interested with the married and so we separated.I moved back to Kayole where i started life altogether while he was busy squandering money with women.Then one day while browsing on Facebook i came across an advert of an online called Zumo News and my life has never been the same again,”she narrates.

Zumo News is a news website that allows its members to earn reading news ,commenting,sharing, posting news articles and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the program.They generate revenue through advertisement and in return share the revenue with its members on 50-50 basis.

“At first i was very skeptical about this online because of the numerous online scams that were being reported but i decided to give it a try any way.,” she said.

Within the first two weeks of join Zumo News Grace was able to earn kes 45000, which she withdrew via Mpesa. The second payment of kes 125,000 came after 28 days of joining.

“I was really excited after receiving the first payment.I never thought one day that i could be making some good cash while working say one hour online.The experience was very magical.Within 3 months of joining i had already surpassed kes 300,000 a month in revenue which was more than my monthly salary,” she added.

“Don’t be fooled that Zumo News is a get rich scheme,it is not.For you to realize this results you must not only work hard but also work smart.Much of my income was coming from affiliate commission after inviting people to join Zumo News,” said Grace.

“The easiest and most proven way of making money during this time of Corona Virus is Zumo News ,since it is really and proven.Am currently saving to buy my dream house in kilimani area.I have bought 3 cars with money i make from Zumo News and am also building my parents a good home back in the village. Zumo News is real and legit,” she narrates

Actually as a company Zumo News is making most revenue since people are in quarantine and reading news online.You can take that advantage and start making some good money while at the comfort of your home.

After 3 years of separation, her husband squandered all the money and went broke.Grace on her part is really making good money and she has done all this single-handedly.

“I am currently looking for a serious partner who we will settled down with because i have been lonely for too long. Am willing to pay the dowry and even help him start a business. He must be God-fearing as well. If you feel you are the kind of man i have described kindly contact me asap. Jokers kindly keep off?,” she says.

If you wish to start working online in Kenya and at the comfort of your home , just Register on Zumo News and get start.

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