Bandits Disrupt Mourning for General Ogolla, Governor Wisley Rotich Calls for Firm Action


Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Wisley Rotich has condemned the brazen actions of emboldened bandits who disrupted the mourning process for Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla, his team, and a villager from Kowow village near the crash site.

As security agencies were assessing the scene of the helicopter crash, bandits raided and stole animals in Kaben village, near the crash site, adding insult to injury during a time of national mourning. Governor Rotich expressed outrage at the heartless actions of the bandits, calling for decisive measures to end their reign of terror.

“It’s time for a lethal and painful disarmament,” declared Governor Rotich, emphasizing the need for swift and effective action against bandits who refuse to surrender. He also advocated for compulsory education for individuals involved in banditry, highlighting the urgent need to address the human losses caused directly and indirectly by the ongoing banditry war.

The governor’s strong stance reflects the frustration and determination of the local community to put an end to the devastating impact of banditry in the region.

With lives and livelihoods at stake, Governor Rotich’s call for firm action resonates with many who have borne the brunt of bandit attacks for too long.

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