Stephen Letoo Weds Irene Renoi Kiptikoi in Grand Ceremony


In a celebration marked by jubilant spirits and cultural significance, renowned TV personality Stephen Letoo exchanged vows with his beloved Irene Renoi Kiptikoi on Saturday.

The ceremony, eagerly anticipated by many, commenced at the Methodist church in Narok and later transitioned to a joyous gathering at the Ole Ntimama Stadium.

Prior to the grand affair, a traditional wedding rich in cultural tradition took place in Kilgoris, highlighted by the ritual of dowry payment.

Dismissing rumors of polygamous intentions, Letoo joyfully committed to Irene Renoi Kiptikoi in holy matrimony, setting aside earlier notions of conducting a mass wedding.

Among the esteemed guests were top media personalities and Letoo’s colleagues, including Citizen TV’s Editorial Director Linus Kaikai, News anchor Swaleh Mdoe, and Kennedy Mureithi serving as the best man, alongside Chemutai Goin, Ben Kirui, Melita Ole Tenges, Brian Muchiri, and Makori Ongechi.

The festivities continued with a lavish feast at the Ole Ntimama Stadium, where attendees reveled in love and merry-making. Entertainment was provided by a lineup of performers, adding to the joyous atmosphere.

In an exclusive interview with Obinna TV, Letoo shared his unconventional honeymoon plans, expressing a desire for both him and his bride to choose separate destinations for their post-wedding retreat. Emphasizing the importance of relaxation over the pressure to conceive abroad, Letoo stated, “The honeymoon should be about wiping off the sweat you’ve gone through with very thorough plans. Not going to struggle to conceive a child abroad.”

With Letoo allowing his bride the freedom to select her destination and him choosing his own, the couple embraces a unique approach to beginning their marital journey.

Whether amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Maasai Mara or the vibrant cityscape of Dubai, Letoo and Irene Renoi Kiptikoi embark on their respective honeymoons, symbolizing a union founded on mutual respect and individual autonomy.

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