British High Commissioner Commends Maasai Culture and Historic Relationship


In a display of mutual respect and appreciation, the British High Commissioner to Kenya, Neil Wigan, expressed admiration for Maasai culture and the longstanding relationship between the community and the British Government. Speaking at the Maasai Council of Elders meeting held at the residence of Keleina Nchoe, Chairman of the Maa Council of Elders, Wigan emphasized Britain’s recognition of the Maa communities and their rich cultural heritage.

The gathering, which saw the participation of distinguished figures including Governor Joseph ole Lenku of Kajiado County, Governor Patrick Ntutu of Narok County, Narok North Law Maker Agnes Pareyio, Narok Woman Representative Rebecca Tonkei, and Archbishop Jackson Sapit of the Anglican Church of Kenya, provided a platform for dialogue on the history and concerns affecting the Maasai people.

Wigan applauded Archbishop Sapit and the Maasai Council of Elders for their recent visit to the British High Commissioner’s residence in Nairobi, where discussions centered on Maasai history, present challenges, and future aspirations. He pledged to continue fostering this dialogue to strengthen the relationship between the British Government and the Maasai community.

Highlighting the vital role of the Maa Communities in conservation efforts, Wigan underscored their significance as guardians of nature, landscapes, and natural resources in the country. He urged the Maasai to leverage opportunities in tourism and other economic activities while preserving their cultural heritage.

Governor Lenku commended the Maasai community for their commitment to preserving culture, noting the benefits accrued thus far. He also praised the success of the Maa Economic Bloc, comprising Narok, Kajiado, and Samburu counties, in driving economic growth and development in the region.

Governor Ntutu congratulated the Maasai Council of Elders for convening the meeting, emphasizing its importance in ensuring the community’s collective progress and alignment with its goals.

As the dialogue continues, the commitment of both the British Government and the Maasai community to preserving culture, fostering sustainable development, and strengthening their historic ties remains steadfast.

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