National Government Provides Relief to Flood-Affected Households in Bunyala Sub County


The National government has swiftly responded to the plight of flood-affected households in Bunyala Sub County, offering vital support to alleviate their suffering. Addressing the press at Bunyala DCC’s office premises on Monday, the Principal Secretary for ASALS and Regional Development, Kellow Harsama, disclosed the details of the assistance provided. A substantial aid package comprising 400 bags of rice, 720 bags of beans, and 20 bags of fortified foods has been distributed to affected families.

Moreover, the government has pledged additional support, including the provision of iron sheets to repair damaged houses, with further assistance scheduled upon completion of the ongoing assessment. Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation CS Zacharia Njeru announced plans to dispatch a team from the NYS to rectify dykes in the area within two weeks, underscoring the government’s commitment to finding a permanent solution to the flood menace.

Njeru emphasized the severity of the situation, noting impassable roads, closed schools, non-operational hospitals, and uninhabitable homes. He highlighted the government’s efforts to mitigate the impact of River Nzoia’s water on local residents through the Lower Nzoia Irrigation project, which directs water flow through irrigation canals. This initiative not only safeguards communities but also enables farmers to engage in double cropping, thereby enhancing agricultural productivity.

Busia Woman Representative Catherine Omanyo expressed gratitude for the government’s prompt intervention, acknowledging the critical need for support in the face of compromised sanitation facilities and limited access to clean drinking water. Meanwhile, flood victims urged authorities to prioritize finding a permanent solution to the recurring flood challenges, emphasizing the importance of sustainable development over reliance on relief aid.

According to reports, a staggering 1,747 households have been affected by floods across Bunyala, Samia, and Teso North Sub Counties in Busia County, underscoring the urgency of comprehensive and long-term solutions to address the region’s vulnerability to natural disasters.

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