Sh.100 Million bursary disbursement in Elgeyo Marakwet


Elgeyo Marakwet governor H.E. Wisely Rotich on Tuesday presided over disbursement of Sh.95 million bursary towards needy students in the County.

The ceremony at the Governor’s Square was also attended by MPs Adams Kipsanai (Keiyo North) and County Women MP Hon Carolyn Ng’elechei alongside a host of local Members of County Assembly MCAs.

Speaking at the event, Governor Rotich said the bursary disbursement was transparent and every deserving person was considered.

“I can assure you that there is no complaint whatsoever from the grassroots. Disbursing 95 million fairly is not a joke because this is not pocket change anyway,” said the governor.

The governor however took the opportunity to challenge communities across the County to engage in economic activities to combat poverty.

” There is nothing pleasant as being capable to pay your children’s school fees comfortably without having to line up for Bursary,” said the governor.

Meanwhile, on addressing youth unemployment in the County, governor Rotich said he was impressed by the increased enrollment for learners in Vocational Technical Centres and Village polytechnics.

“From the time I became governor, the student enrollment in polytechnics was 1,080 and currently we have 3,800 which represent a significant improvement. I believe we have managed to convince young People that going to polytechnic is not a demeanor,” said Rotich

Hon Kipsanai commended the governor for appropriating a reasonable amount towards the bursaries.

The legislator however said:” It is about time we ask ourselves about value for money that we have disbursed towards both bursaries and infrastructural development in the learning institutions,”

Hon. Ng’elechei said there were many needy students out there and therefore challenged the beneficiaries to ensure there was value for money in their academic performance.

The Women MP said:”I call upon every parent to ensure you give your Children good foundation. Good foundation doesn’t mean enrolling them in expensive academies. It means you instill discipline in them. By so doing that child will develop good manners and consistency both in academic an in everything in life,”

Mrs Ng’elechei however said students should score quality grades that is commensurate to the huge amounts disbursed to schools.

Deputy Governor H.E. Prof. Grace Cheserek said every bursary beneficiary upon receiving their cheques needed to be taken through the County department of Agriculture to be given free seeds to take home for planting.

The event was attended by Education Stakeholders including Vocational Training VTC Centre Managers, Secondary school heads as well as officials from TSC, KNUT and KUPPET.

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