Trans Nzoia Residents Enthusiastically Support Initiative for New University


Residents of Trans Nzoia County have shown overwhelming support for a new initiative aimed at establishing a university within the region. Public forums held in Kwanza and Endebess sub-counties witnessed enthusiastic participation, reflecting the community’s eagerness to contribute to the development of higher education opportunities locally.

Governor George Natembeya’s administration spearheaded this initiative, reflecting a commitment to advancing education and fostering socio-economic growth within the county. The newly formed taskforce, tasked with soliciting public input, has received widespread acclaim for its efforts to engage with the community and ensure their voices are heard in this significant endeavor.

In Kwanza Sub-County, residents lauded Governor Natembeya’s decision to form the taskforce, expressing optimism that it will lead to the establishment of a much-needed local institution of higher learning. Patrick Simiyu, a resident of Kwanza, emphasized the transformative potential of the university in unlocking economic opportunities and improving social standards within the county.

Similarly, residents of Endebess voiced their support for the initiative, citing the region’s abundant resources and its potential to support academic programs. They highlighted the Mt. Elgon forest and game park as assets that could enhance the university’s offerings, underscoring the importance of government allocation of land for the project.

Muhammad Wekesa, an Endebess resident, emphasized the significance of the university in raising educational standards and eliminating the need for residents to travel long distances for higher education. He lamented the past limitations imposed by the lack of local institutions and expressed hope for a new era of opportunity.

Residents proposed a diverse range of programs for inclusion in the university’s curriculum, including engineering, alternative medicine, and agriculture, reflecting the community’s desire for relevant and innovative educational offerings.

The taskforce, led by Chairperson Professor Masibo Lumala of Moi University, boasts a distinguished lineup of members, including prominent figures such as Julius Kivaze, Prof. Batan Khaemba, and Rose Mambili. Professor Lumala urged residents to rally behind Governor Natembeya’s vision, emphasizing the transformative potential of the university in driving development and prosperity for Trans Nzoia County.

As the initiative progresses, the active engagement of residents and the expertise of the taskforce promise to shape the future of higher education in Trans Nzoia County, laying the foundation for a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.

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