Farmers to Receive Compensation for Substandard Fertilizers: NCPB Initiates Remedial Measures


In a significant development aimed at rectifying the adverse effects of substandard fertilizers distributed under the Fertilizer Subsidy Program, the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) has announced the commencement of compensation for affected farmers. This move comes in response to a directive from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, signaling the government’s commitment to supporting farmers amidst challenges.

Mr. Titus Kiplimo Maiyo, Deputy Manager of Corporate Communications And Customer Experience at NCPB, expressed the board’s dedication to addressing the issue promptly, stating, “We recognize the challenges faced by farmers who procured substandard fertilizers, and we are committed to ensuring that they are fairly compensated.”

Farmers who have been affected are urged to take action by lodging formal complaints and filling out claim declaration forms, as Mr. Maiyo explained, “All affected farmers are urged to lodge formal complaints by filling a claim declaration form that will be provided at the depot or selling center where they bought the fertilizer.”

To streamline the compensation process, farmers are required to provide necessary documentation, including their National ID and evidence of purchase. Mr. Maiyo emphasized, “Farmers documentation must align with the existing records at NCPB, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the compensation process.”

Furthermore, NCPB has taken proactive measures to ensure the availability of quality fertilizers for farmers. Mr. Maiyo highlighted, “NCPB has further distributed 3 million bags of planting and 300,000 bags of top dressing fertilizer for the 2024 long rains season to registered farmers.”

In response to this initiative, farmers expressed gratitude for the support and emphasized the importance of timely compensation. “We are relieved that the government and NCPB are taking action to address this issue,” said John Kiprop, a farmer from Uasin Gishu County. “Compensation will help alleviate the financial burden we faced due to the substandard fertilizers.”

As the compensation process unfolds, farmers are encouraged to remain vigilant and participate actively to ensure fair and equitable resolution. NCPB remains committed to supporting farmers and maintaining the integrity of agricultural programs for sustainable development.

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