Rivatex East Africa Limited Facilitates Distribution of BT Cotton Seeds in Baringo County


Rivatex East Africa Limited, a prominent player in the Textile Value Chain, showcased its commitment to the revitalization of the cotton industry by participating in the distribution of BT cotton seeds in Baringo County. The event, held yesterday, garnered attention as it was graced by Baringo County’s Deputy Governor, Eng. Felix K. Maiyo, under the theme “Cotton, Textile, and Apparel Value Chain Stakeholders Engagement Mission.”

The initiative aimed to bolster the cotton sector’s resilience and sustainability by introducing BT cotton seeds, known for their numerous benefits. BT cotton, genetically modified to resist the most problematic pest, the bollworm, offers a promising solution to farmers grappling with pest infestations. Additionally, the cultivation of BT cotton entails a reduced need for chemical pesticides, thereby lowering production costs and promoting environmentally friendly farming practices.

Speaking at the event, Eng. Felix K. Maiyo emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in revitalizing the cotton industry. He remarked, “The engagement between stakeholders in the Cotton, Textile, and Apparel Value Chain is crucial for fostering innovation and sustainability in our agricultural practices.”

Rivatex East Africa Limited’s involvement in the distribution of BT cotton seeds underscores its pivotal role in driving positive change within the textile sector. Mr. James Kimani, a representative of Rivatex, expressed optimism about the potential impact of BT cotton on cotton production and the textile industry at large. “We believe that the adoption of BT cotton will not only benefit farmers but also contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the textile sector,” he remarked.

Farmers attending the distribution event welcomed the introduction of BT cotton seeds, recognizing the potential for increased yields and reduced production costs. “We are hopeful that BT cotton will help us overcome the challenges we face with pest infestations and high production costs,” remarked Jane Chepkemoi, a cotton farmer from Baringo County.

As the distribution of BT cotton seeds gains momentum, stakeholders in the cotton, textile, and apparel value chain are encouraged to collaborate further to harness the full potential of this innovative solution. The event in Baringo County serves as a testament to the collective efforts aimed at revitalizing the cotton industry and promoting sustainable agricultural practices for a brighter future.

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