Shocking Details Emerge as Catholic Priest Faints on Receiving Bad News About His Mpango wa Kando


Who said some Catholic priests doesn’t have lovers out there?

Here is what has happened in Kitui after a catholic priest has fainted on receiving shocking news about his lover whom they had dated for 7 years.

Father Peter has fallen on receiving a call from her lover informing him that she has decided to make the most painful decision in life

The father has dropped the phone and fainted.

Sometimes, life huleta some situations which zinaeza fanya you lose your mind because they are so tough to handle. Mimi nilijua hivi after three weeks ago, I went for a work trip. Nilikua nikae in that trip for five days because it was like a seminar which would help my company grow.

My wife called me a day after I went and told she had been bored staying at home and thus went to the village to stay with my brothers and father. I thought it was a good idea because I did not want her to get bored at our house. I thus decided I would go pick her in the village and go back with her at home when the work conference was over. I did not however wait for the end of my seminar to leave because I started missing my wife and on the third day, I left the work seminar and decided to surprise my wife in the village.

However, on the way, I got a puncture that delayed me that I was arriving at my father’s house at around midnight. I was met by the shock of my life after after getting my wife being intimate with my wife . I heard everything at the door and I almost lost my mind.

“Ingiza yote baba, napenda venye machine yako ni nono na kubwa ata kuliko ya bwana yangu,” my wife said loudly as my father was fucking her. I started crying uncontrollably as I went to my brother’s house which was nearby and called him and told him what was happening. He told me not to get scared but to bind my father and wife together in their genitals by contacting Doctor Mugwenu.

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“Somebody help us, I am stuck inside this woman,” I heard my father say. We went and found them naked and in pain. They were both so shocked to see me that they started begging for my forgiveness. Both my brother and I we gave them a beating and warned them for their immoral acts. Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them some moments later after they all learnt a lesson.

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