Nairobi MP Esther Passaris Lauded for Compassionate Response to Flood Disaster


Nairobi County MP Esther Passaris has earned widespread praise for her compassionate and swift response to the recent flood disaster that struck various parts of the city, particularly informal settlements.

Known for her empathy and humility, Passaris wasted no time in extending a helping hand to those affected by the floods. On Thursday evening, she personally distributed mattresses, sanitary pads, and blankets to 300 households severely impacted by the disaster in Mathare.

In addition to providing immediate relief supplies, Passaris also issued a heartfelt plea to residents of informal settlements, urging them to exercise caution and prioritize their safety amidst the ongoing challenges posed by the floods.

The MP’s actions have resonated deeply with the community, with many lauding her as a beacon of hope and compassion during these difficult times. Her unwavering dedication to serving the people of Nairobi has not gone unnoticed, earning her the title of the Greatest Blessing The City in the Sun has received.

As expressions of gratitude continue to pour in, prayers for Passaris’s well-being and prosperity abound. From desks across the city, prayers are lifted for her good health, prosperity beyond measure, and long life, acknowledging her selfless commitment to the welfare of her constituents.

In the face of adversity, Esther Passaris’s kindness and generosity shine bright, serving as an inspiration to leaders and citizens alike.

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